F A Q ' s     -      Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How much to clean my place? How much for the Deep Clean? How much for regular visits?

We bill $45 per hour per cleaner and usually send teams of two cleaners at $90/hour. (Unless the job is bigger we send teams of 3 cleaners at $135/hour or bigger teams at the rate of $45/hour per cleaner)

Recurring Service has a discounted rate of $40 per hour per cleaner. 

You can get an instant online quote by filling out our Online Estimate Form.

We have a minimum of 2 hours of cleaning for the initial clean and a minimum of 1.5 hours on regular weekly visits.

Below are some prices for our average jobs:

Size of Home          Deep Cleaning                 Weekly           Bi-weekly           
1 bed 1 bath             $180(min)-$225                    $120                 $160
2 bed 1 bath             $225-$270                            $160                 $200
2 bed 2 bath             $270-$315                            $200                 $240
3 bed 2 bath             $315-$405                            $240                 $280
3 bed 3 bath             $405-$450                            $280                 $320
4 bed 3 bath             $450-$540                            $320                 $360
4 bed 4 bath             $495-$585                            $360                 $400

Q?Who will be cleaning my home?

A trustworthy, background-checked, friendly =) and hardworking green cleaning professional.

Once comfortable with a cleaner, we try to send out the same cleaner each time you need cleaning. Whenever this is not possible we will try to send at least one of your usual cleaners. If for some reason they are both off, we will provide another great cleaner with your cleaning outline from A-Z. Regardless, you're covered by our Peace of Mind Guarantee.

And yes, they bring all the green cleaning products and equipment with them to handle just about any household or Office Cleaning job. Check out our Yelp page to see what customers have to say.

Q? What do I do to prepare for the cleaning? Do I need to be home when the cleaners come?

To make sure that we have all of your information correctly and can customize your cleaning the way you want it, please complete your Customer Profile which will be sent to you via email or you can just fill it out directly from here. Include any details that may be specific to your home and get ready for an awesome cleaning experience.

For the first visit it's recommended that you'd be there at least for the first ~5-10 minutes to do a quick walkthrough of your priorities and to just say hello to your friendly cleaners. After that, most of our clients are not home when the cleaning takes place, some are working from home and some just hang out with our cleaners. If you are physically present, you can witness how great the cleaners are and get to know the cleaners. If you can't be there, it's ok. You will just be wowed when you get back to your place. As long as we get access to enter your home, you don't have to stick around or even be there since the Customer Profile will cover even special entrance instructions.

Q? Do I need to provide cleaning supplies or equipment?

Nope. You can see the green cleaning products and equipment that we usually use here. The cleaners have all that covered, that's part of their service. But if you would like to supply your own, you are more than welcome.

Q? Do you do Laundry and Ironing? Or Extra Cleaning related Services?

Yes we can do laundry simultaneously while we clean your place, ironing, organizing and folding clothes. Be advised that we bill by the minute. We also offer a wide variety of additional services that can be tailored to your exact needs. Please refer to the Checklist of what we cover for details. If we are unable to provide the service, we will make every effort to direct you to a Green Company that can.

Q? What are your policies on arrival times?

We have a 4 Hour arrival time window for all visits. If you are the first clean of the day, most likely they will be there right on time unless there are any delays caused by traffic or accidents on the road. For recurring customers, if you are flexible with arrival time window and possibly day, ask about getting the discounted rate.

- Offices and Live/Work spaces are the exception, we will meet your time expectations for arrival and finishing times.

- We understand that those of you that have newborns or babies usually have them on strict schedule and we will do our best to always be on time.

- Please be understanding when they are a bit late because most of the time it's due to a customer opening the door late because of personal reasons, they ask for something extra, a clean took a bit longer than expected because it was messier than usual. We all have our days, even you. And when you do, we will be understanding.

- If for any reason the cleaners will be arriving late, you will be notified in advance.

Q? How do I pay for services? What about tipping the cleaners?

For your convenience you can pay your invoice online with a credit card, have us process your credit card automatically after every visit, pay by check or pay cash. If you create an account with Intuit Payment Network (https://ipn.intuit.com/pay/GreenerCleanerLA) you will be able to login and pay your invoices with one click. If you don't you can still pay online but you will have to input your card number and info every single time.

Tipping is optional like with any other service. If you feel they deserve it, then feel free to tip them any percentage you'd like. You may tip with cash, add it to a check or if you overpay your invoice online, the remaining will be distributed equally as tip with your cleaning team unless you ask otherwise.

Q? Are there any policies or benefits for recurring customers?

Discounted Rate for Time Flexibility

If you are flexible with your time of clean or have a time window when it can be done, please let us know so that you can get the discounted rate of $40 per hour per cleaner. The cleaners work their best when they don't feel rushed or pressured, just like anyone else.


We must have access to your home either by you being there, providing us a key or you leaving a key. Once you give us a copy of your key, we will code it and keep it in our safe and take it out whenever we clean your place.


If you will be out of town or need to reschedule, please notify us at your earliest convenience. The sooner we know, the sooner we can adjust the schedule and avoid late arrival for other customers.

Credit Card Information On File

We need a valid credit card on file to service you. You can easily pay your invoice by having us automatically bill your card, pay yourself online, or pay by check or cash. Payment must be made within 24 Hours of cleaning, If not paid, your card on file will be billed.

Q? What if something is not to my satisfaction or expectations, or if something is damaged during the cleaning, any guarantees?

Yes. You are backed by our Peace of Mind Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with any area we've cleaned, you can call us within 24 hours and we'll come back and re-clean it free of charge. This is very rare, and once the first visit is fully completed, it's very unlikely for this to happen again. Keep in mind that if you set a time limit on a first clean, you cannot expect that the job be complete.

The cleaners are very respectful and careful with your home. If something is damaged, you are protected. We will make every effort to repair or replace if necessary.

Q? What is your cancellation policy?

We require 2 business day notice if you need to change or cancel your scheduled cleaning. Less than a 1 day notice may result in a $100  cancellation fee.


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